Football season is just around the corner – and we are not just talking about the NFL. The Philippine American Football League [PAFL] will start its 3rd season on September 1, 2018. A new team has been added to the league this year. With more teams to play against, the 2017 PAFL champs have never been hungrier to hunt and show their supremacy on the field.

Most people are aware that one person who used to be part of the pack decided to put up his own team for the 1st season of the league. Dennis “Yaboye” Graves has shared his skills with the Warriors for two seasons. He can be seen on both offense and defense – playing for almost all the positions possible. Yet by the end of season 2, he already showed interest in making a comeback for the wolves. Now he’s ready to play with the defending champs.

What made you decide to leave the Wolves before?
The ABP went away (for whatever reason) and I still wanted to play football. I was playing flag football in Olongapo with Subic Bay Pride, so I decided to start the Olongapo Warriors.

How was your experience with the Warriors during the two seasons that you were with them?
It was a learning experience for me. It [was] hard to go from winning back-2-back to titles to losing. It [was] VERY humbling [experience].

How did it feel to go against the Wolves?
Since season 5 in the ABP,  the Wolves have been very good so I knew the games against [them] would be hard – but I enjoyed playing against them [and] they still showed me love.

What made you decide to come back?
I missed the winning attitude and losing was stressing me out.

How did you prepare for this season?
I work out all year long, so that part was easy. I just had to get back into football shape.

Are you excited to play against the Warriors this year?
I’m excited to play every game but that game will be on another level. There was already a rivalry because I left but now it will be more intense. I still play flag football with the Olongapo Warriors flag football team so I know the Warriors have some good players on their team. I’m looking forward to that game. I don’t wish anything bad on anyone – I wish them well. It was just time for me to come back to the Wolves.

Any other teams that you look forward to playing against?
I’m excited to see the new teams: [the] Rebels, Titans, and the new look [of the] Juggernauts

Is there any player that you’re also looking forward to seeing on the field?
All [of] the old guys. I enjoy watching us play (I’m 45 years young).

What should we expect from you and the pack this season?
I never lost a game with the Wolves so we don’t expect to lose. As for myself, I only have a few games left in my body so I will go all out.

Anyone that you wanna give a shout out to before the start of the season?
Shout out to all the Wolves who still showed me love when I left [and] welcomed me back with love.

The Wolves was a powerhouse last season since they had an undefeated status from the playoffs until the championship. With some new additions to the roster, from Graves’ comeback to rookies who will debut this season, fans are excited to see how the pack will dominate the league.


1Luke ZerazateQB
10Ivan KlaricQB/WR
11Mark HillWR/KP
13Paolo GomezWR

Miguel De la Peña

15Dennis GravesRB
16Joshua GaitaWR
20Ryan MaDB
21David Paul JumolaRB
22Khalil TanDB
25John Rhoy MoringRB
26Jeremy MusniDB
27Dags MambuayDB
28Justin GunnacaoLB
29Paul Vincent LucesDB
30Jerome BautistaDB
32Alden GarciaDB
33Pete MacaranasDB
34Lorenzo AbayaDB
37Dave Angelo HilaoDB
46Hiroyuki KanoLB
47Larry Adame FavoritoLB
50Bernard Joseph BataclanLB
51Marco CordovaDL
52Richard ArtistaDL
53Nicholas Adrian SyOL
54Francis BataclanLB
57Ben AffainieOL
58Teddy ReyesDL
59Brian Aldrich RaymondLB
62Darren Raymund DarioOL
64Migfred GulleOL
65Darwin GonzalesLB
69 Jantzen Kirk ValeOL
70 Pong MeimbanOL
72Carlo MacalinoDL
73 Raph GiananOL
75Paul Miki MelegritoDL
77Johann Karl VerOL
81Martin Lloyd AntonioTE
87Walid MoWR
92Jason Robert SouthDL
93Kim LuyLB
94Kerwin ValeDL
95Joshua Louise AragonLB


Catch them as they go up against the Rebels on September 1, 2018, at 7:30 pm. Don’t forget to wear red!

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