September 29, 2018

Makati City – It was a hot and sunny afternoon when the Warriors took on Juggernauts for their 3rd regular season game. Both teams strived to pick up their first win of the season and keep their playoff contention alive.

The game started with a kick off from the Warriors as the Juggernauts started on offense. After a good pressure from Warriors’ defense which led to a fumble, Juggs’ quarterback still recovered the ball but failed to pick some yards resulting in an early safety giving the Warriors a 2-0 lead.

With the Warriors offense still picking up their pace, running back J. Catayong and back-up running back J. Himalin managed to add some yards for the team. Meanwhile, Juggs’ defensive line was able to pressure the offense which resulted in a pick-6 by their defensive back. PAT Kick was not good which makes the score 2-6 in favor of the Juggs.

A good kick off from Juggs was picked up by Warriors’ wide receiver R. Allanigue who ran a couple of yards. As the Warriors’ offense still struggled to gain more yards, they failed to get the first down that led to a turnover. With Jugg’s offense wanting to score, Warriors’ defensive corps came in stronger with a pick from cornerback JL Sardea. The Juggs’ offense luckily ripped the ball off of Sardea’s hands that forced a fumble and was recovered by their offense. Warrior’s defense failed to cover a pass in the middle which resulted in a touchdown. PAT was not good. Juggs were up 2-12

Again, a good kick from Juggernauts but Warriors wide receiver R. Allanigue ran as if he had boosters on and picked up more yards than his last kick return. As the Warriors set their pace again, quarterback  J. Ogremin passed the ball to the open wide receiver R. Allanigue who picked up 20-yards downfield. After couple plays, Ogremin handed the ball to running back J. Catayong who scored a touchdown for the Warriors. PAT kick by kicker R. Bayarong was good. Warriors 9 – Juggs 12

During the second half, Warriors’ defense got their pace as the Juggs’ offense struggled to gain more yards downfield. Warriors’ defense displayed dominance with a tackle for loss from linebacker J. Catayong. Their defense got good coverage from their defensive backs lead by cornerback J.Cappal who got an interception – the ball was turned over to the Warriors.

Meanwhile, Warriors’ quarterback J. Ogremin made some good passes to wide receivers T. Newman and A. Miguel but was still short on getting a touchdown. On the other side, the defense showed no mercy on Juggs’ offense as sacks were made by defensive end M. Reyes and linebackers S. Caps and J. Nirza. A tackle for loss made by linebacker J. Catayong and a very good display of excellent covers by the defensive backs secured the defense which gave the Juggs’ only one first down. The Warriors got the ball back after a forced fumble and a recovery by defensive tackle J. King

Warriors then tried some run plays with running back J. Himalin who picked up multiplr first downs. Quarterback J. Ogremin regained his confidence with some good blocks by the offensive linemen. In an effort to gain more yards, he saw openings on Juggs’ defense and passed the ball to wide receivers R. Allanigue and J. Cappal who both picked up first downs. Running back J. Catayong ran the ball with strength while looking for an opening and was able to punch his way into the end zone. PAT kick by kicker R. Bayarong was not good. Warriors were up by 15-12.

As the clock expired with the Warriors having the ball possession, quarterback J. Ogremin kneeled. The Warriors claimed their first win of the season defeating the Juggernauts with a score of 15-12.

The Olongapo Warriors Tackle Football Team would like to thank their sponsors for their unfathomable support for their team.