Now on it’s 2nd week of season 3, the PAFL is starting to heat up as the much anticipated 1st game of both the Cavemen and the Juggernauts came to head in a clash of titanic proportions.

The 1st quarter saw a lot of the feeling out process as both teams struggled to make plays.  Moving the ball downfield was the Juggs’ biggest hurdle as they failed to advance to a first down in the first 5 minutes of play. They were able to catch a break as a broken up punt return by the Cavemen saw the ball come back to them at their own 20 yard line. They failed to capitalize on the opportunity however as an interception by Richard Redman gave the Cavemen their first possession inside the Juggs’ red zone. A subsequent run up the middle by team captain William Yeh gave the Cavemen another first down which set up a run by Karel Coldenhoff to give the Cavemen their first touchdown of the game. The Cavemen increased their lead by two from a catch made by Miguel Ochoa for the conversion.The 2nd quarter is where the Cavemen turned up the heat as veteran linebacker Inigo Pulido got the 1st of his two sacks to start it off. Regaining possession, quarterback Mike “Sunshine” Hoese sent a bullet to wide receiver RJ Laurel for a touchdown. The Juggs looking to bounce back suffered another setback as the kick off turned into a fumble recovery by the Cavemen instigated by Matt Mallorca and Aaron Valencia. Not looking to waste the opportunity, William Yeh ran it up the middle once again to score another touchdown for the Cavemen. The rest of the quarter saw ensuing possessions by the Juggs moved back due to several false starts and Inigo Pulido recording his second sack of the game. This led to the Cavemen scoring three more times as Mike Hoese connected with RJ Laurel once again as well as Kris Lugo and Nikko Garcia.

Starting off the 3rd quarter, the Cavemen looked to close out the game as they started off in possession of the ball. The Juggs, known for their never say die attitude rallied behind their defense as they held the Cavemen scoreless during their next several possessions. Still looking to score , the Juggs went down the field until an interception from Inigo Pulido stopped them in their tracks. Their defense never let up though as the Cavemen were unable to score despite moving the ball downfield as well. With the Juggs still trailing, they went downfield on several run plays getting the first downs through sheer will alone. This was until light-footed star running back Nick Flowers broke through the Cavemen defense and scored a 33 yard running touchdown to score. There wasn’t going to be a shutout as the Juggs ended the 3rd quarter with their 1st touchdown in 2018.

Perhaps motivated through the fact that their top tier defense was somehow broken down by the Juggs, the Cavemen then went on to a rampage in the fourth quarter. Known as the team with the highest number of kick off recoveries during the last two PAFL seasons, they recorded three more kick off recoveries in the fourth quarter alone. The plays then translated into brilliant first down runs by William Yeh which eventually resulted into two more running touchdowns by Karel Coldenhoff who would finish the game with a total of 3 TD’s under his belt. The final score of the day; 56-6 with the Cavemen sealing the win.

Come and watch the next games as the Cavemen take on the Warriors and the Wolves gear up to battle it out with the Juggernauts on Sept.22!