, Clash of the Titans: Undefeated teams highlight final week

Two of the league’s best offenses collide in what could be a battle of epic proportions as the Wolves and the Cavemen set to take the 4:00PM slot at the Circuit Makati Blue Pitch today, November 3.

Both undefeated teams have the highest total output this season, with the Wolves having produced 341 points and the Cavemen collecting 178 points, in four outings.

In spite of the two teams’ capability to fire on all cylinders, Wolves-Cavemen matches have been ironically defensive battles. The Wolves lead this friendly rivalry, 2-0, having the upperhand 15-8 (Week 2, Season 2) and 22-16 (Championship, Season 2).

For Martin Antonio, Wolves tight end and team captain, it does not matter whether the game becomes a shootout, as long as they win.

, Clash of the Titans: Undefeated teams highlight final week

“We just do our jobs every game. We’ll see if it’s a high scoring game,” Antonio said.

Cavemen Running Back and Outside Linebacker Mike Asuncion thinks that although this game is special, they look at the Wolves like any team who are worthy adversaries.

“No one is unbeatable. We love the challenge and today, it’s going to be a very good challenge,” Asuncion said.

Antonio described how the Wolves have kept it together and on the same page all throughout the season.

“We respect the game too much, and committing to it through all times, whether or not it’s during the season, is what it’s all about. We don’t accept giving and committing less than 100% of our effort because that is a huge disserve to football,” Antonio said.

Asuncion acknowledged that even if both teams have put up big numbers, this game could go either way.

, Clash of the Titans: Undefeated teams highlight final week

“I wish I can say which one (high scoring or low scoring). It’s tough to tell but expect hard hitting and lots of action from both teams. (How we play) really depends on what the defense gives us and how we execute,” Asuncion said.

Assured already of a playoff spot after last week’s win, the Datu look to improve on their playoff positioning when they take on the cellar-dwelling Rebels to warm things up at 1:00PM.

While the Tribe aims for a better spot, the Rebels are more focused on ending Season 3 on a high note. In spite of the odds with an incomplete lineup due to an injury-plagued roster all season, the team is excited to show what they got left in the tank and get that elusive victory as mentioned by defensive lineman Pocholo Ricafort.

, Clash of the Titans: Undefeated teams highlight final week

“We’re all still very motivated and eager to get that win. We expect a tough, physical game tomorrow but we’re ready,” Ricafort said.

The latest of key injuries happen to be their starting quarterback BJ Padua, who was sidelined with a hip injury from last week’s game, but will appear to coach the team today. Ryan Tamondong and Geo Lapuz will rotate quarterback duties in Padua’s absence, thus some adjustments on the Rebels’ part.

“Our offense will be a little different from the last time. We’ll employ different plays and strategies, but hopeful for good results. We held our own against the Warriors and the Juggernauts so we’re hoping to have the same or better outing today,” Ricafort added.

The Datu are expecting a battle from the Rebels but they believe it will not look like a non-bearing game. Quarterback Wewe Alvero said the team is not looking past this young group.

“We don’t think of them as rookies: young and inexperienced. We give them that high respect they deserve. Our team has prepared for this game all throughout the week and we had a good attendance because we pushed everyone to be in practice,” Alvero said, as the team tries to prevent another incomplete lineup with what happened a few weeks ago where they lost by default because of it.

The crucial part of the Datu gameplan is how their defensive unit penetrates the Rebels’ big offensive line.

, Clash of the Titans: Undefeated teams highlight final week

“Our D-Line is smaller but more agile. In-game adjustments will be necessary. We’re preparing to stop their good running game. On offense, our receivers will be challenged by their cornerbacks,” Alvero said.

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