Finishing the first round with two wins, Datu seems to have gotten their legs under them and are ready to run this league. After beating both the Vipers and Wildboars 38-0, it was time to face the defending champs again.

In the rematch of the top two teams coming out of the first round, Datu leveled the season series with the previously undefeated Wolves in convincing fashion. The Datu Tribe was clicking on both sides of the ball from start to finish, as shown by the final score of 24-10 in favor of the Datu.

, Datu Takes Top Spot

Datu new guys came to play as quarterback Pereme Alina and running back Kristoffer Carlos were available, and did damage. Alina threw for 2 touchdown passes, while Carlos run the ball to the end-zone for 2 as well.

Down 7-0, Carlos took the first play on offense running left to move the chains. Maximo Carlos then took a pass to get Datu closer. Soon as the Datu was in scoring range, Miguel Ochoa got open to score the first 6 points for the Datu.


The half ended 10-6 after a succesful FG attempt by the Wolves., Datu Takes Top Spot

This eventually was their last score of the day.

Getting the ball to start the second half, Datu wasted no time grabbing the lead back via Kristoffer Carlos’ first TD run. With the score at 12-10, the Datu Defense then made stops and forced a punt. This then set up the drive that led to Alina’s second TD pass to receiver RJ Laurel making it 18-10 before the start of the 4th quarter.

After another Wolves drive stopped, Datu had one more score in them as Kristoffer Carlos took it home with his second TD run, making it 24-10.

, Datu Takes Top Spot

The Wolves then failed to score in their final drive before the Datu called the game off in victory formation.

This marks the first L forĀ  the Wolves in 3 years, including back-to-back undefeated Championship runs. The Wolves’ 10 point scoring output is a repeat of their 10 point outing in the first round. Both Datu and the Wolves hold a 3W-1L record, and have 2 more games remaining in each of their respective schedules.




Notes : Datu Linebacker Eric Tuason is suspended for the remainder of the season for unsportsmanlike conduct during the game vs the Wolves.



Catch the Datu Tribe shoot for another win this coming Sunday, October 13, 2019 at the Circuit Makati Blue Pitch as we take on the Vipers in what should be another exciting game. The Vipers are just coming off their first win of the season and will look to keep that momentum going in the second round. Wear maroon and support the Tribe! #WhoWeAre #DATU


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