Who We Are? Champs.

  Makati, PH - Football weather? Check. Back to back defending champs? Check. Datu as the Challengers? Check. Indeed, it was a perfect day for the Championship of this year's edition of the PAFL. If you've ever heard of David and Goliath, this match-up pitted...

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Datu Takes Top Spot

Finishing the first round with two wins, Datu seems to have gotten their legs under them and are ready to run this league. After beating both the Vipers and Wildboars 38-0, it was time to face the defending champs again. In the rematch of the top two teams coming out...

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Wildboars Triumph over Vipers

The Chealsea Blue Pitch looked inviting as the usual rainclouds gave way to a bright sunny day perfect for football! The opening day being a smash hit saw two of the league’s veteran teams, the Wolves and the Datus clash during game one. Needless to say, the...

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Wolves Open PAFL Season 4 With A Win

Makati City - The 4th season of the Philippine American Football League kicked-off with the game from the defending back-to-back undefeated champions versus an old but new team. The Wolves faced a newly formed Datu team composed of their vets with an addition of some...

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Wildboars: Ready to Rumble

There’s a new tackle football team in town...The WILDBOARS! Debuting at the PAFL Jamboree held last August 11 at ASCOM field Taguig, team owner/manager Phillip Laude created a team for developmental program reasons for beginners. With the supervision of coach Angel...

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WOLVES and CAVEMEN back in the FINALS!

The stage is set, the date is fast approaching and a clash of titanic proportions is a certainty as the PAFL Finals is looming closer with the top two teams in the league battling it out for supremacy on December 1. Set for a showdown one year in the making as a...

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