In what was supposed to be the final and most anticipated game on Sunday night, an unexpected turn of events culminated in a disappointing outcome as the Datu defaulted on their game against the Cavemen. With a full day of football in the air where all 6 PAFL teams were expected to take the field, it ended far short of expectations. As the reigning champions the Wolves won over the Warriors and the Juggernauts scored their first win against the Rebels, the night seemed to be set for more hard hitting action between the two perennial title contenders.

The Datu who finished 3rd last year during the PAFL’s 2nd season , looking to land their 2nd win suddenly called a default 10 minutes before game time due to them lacking several players with which to take the field. The Cavemen, who finished 2nd last year were looking to keep their winning streak alive to 4 games, were shocked by the news as it didn’t sit well with them to be handed over a victory without playing it out on the Gridiron.

The night seeming poised to end quietly as the staff prepared to pack up still ended on a semi-pleasant note as the teams who were already suited and warmed up decided to play a friendly pick up game. The scrimmage was still pretty action packed as the Datu showed off their strong passing plays and the Cavemen looked to counter with their stellar run plays. When asked to comment about the day’s events, Cavemen offensive lineman Gershon “Sexy Back” Luna said; “We’re disappointed that we didn’t get to play with one of the top teams in the league as we were looking forward to this game for a while. We have a ton of respect for them and we didn’t want to be handed a win like this as we were ready to slug it out. We’ll be looking forward to meeting them again when the time comes.”

With the default win, the Cavemen are now up 4-0 and slated to take on the Wolves in November for their regular season game. Meanwhile, the Datu will be facing the Juggernauts on October 27. Catch all the hard hitting action at the Circuit Makati Blue Pitch as the PAFL nears the postseason action.