Philippine American Football League Game Recap. The Juggernauts have yet to win a game, let alone put up some points on the board this season, as the Datu hands them their 3rd straight loss in a row.  With the superior defense and offense on both sides of the ball, the Datu played relentless football all 4 Quarters of the game against the Juggernauts. Final Score: Datu 58, Juggernauts 0. The Datu advance to 2-1 while the Juggernauts now become 0-3.



The second game featured the Wolves VS the Olongapo Warriors. The Warriors were able to make a big stop early in the game against the Wolves, but the Wolves built up a solid lead early on making it tough for the Warriors to catch up. Final Score: Wolves 64, Warriors 12. The Wolves remain undefeated at 3-0 and the Warriors now become 1-3.

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