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In 2010, the remaining players from the ArenaBall Philippines (ABP) Barracudas decided to continue under a different name — the Rebels.

Starting from only a handful of players, the team grew to a squad of more than 40 players. After the 6th ABP season, with only around 22 players left, the Rebels were offered a chance to merge with another team. They thought that it would be a great opportunity to join a team that also had a lot of talent, thus the Renegades were born (What a train wreck that was!).

Rebels, The Return of the Rebels

After an unsuccessful season, the remaining members of the Rebels decided to explore other opportunities by entertaining an offer from another team to merge. They took a chance and accepted. A few months went by; the management of the team did not fulfill their promises and this forced the players to think of another option. Playing coach and team owner BJ “The Chief” Padua, and around 5 players, decided to revive the Rebels and start anew. Fresh faces, no egos– just positive attitudes and a will to learn the game. From there it took some time, but after 4 years, from 6 players The Rebels are now 45, strong and growing.

Rebels, The Return of the Rebels

The Rebels can be considered a new team after a 4-year hiatus with 90% of the roster consisting of rookies. Chief’s focus is to educate the players in the sport of football and enjoy the sport they dreamt of playing. In an interview with one of the players, Richmond Dy, he said that even though they already have the strength, skills and endurance. He said, the team still needs to improve their focus and their dedication to the sport, and to put their hearts into the game, not to not give up, and to use everything they learned in their training as they prepare for this season. The Rebels are looking forward to having fun and to play this PAFL season ready as they go head-to-head against the stronger teams, looking to gain more experience in the sport.

Here are your Rebels for this PAFL season:


89 Aaron Delos Reyes TE
71 Aaron Valera OL
39 Andoy Abanilla S
60 Ante Ileto OL
58 Aris Reyes LB
29 Art Ang CB
27 Ayebu-Lamai S
98 Benedict Ibu LB
38 Benjamin Bautista RB
9 Bj Padua QB
48 Bjay Lazarte CB
65 Bryan Malimban OL
54 Carlo Farinas LB
87 Cholo Vicencio TE
28 Clyde Villanueva CB/S
52 Coy Carriedo DL
68 Denn Beltran OL
88 Duanne Barsabal WR
41 Earl Carrera CB
31 Francis Espenilla CB
40 Francis Faraon LB
75 Franco Mulimbayan DL
82 Geo Lapuz WR
77 Jason Blanco OL
85 JC Saluta WR
24 Jec Castolome RB
50 Jeremy Smoot LB
80 Jerry Luba TE
69 Jonathan Ramos OL
22 JR Miano CB
81 Keti Pilobello TE
94 Marlowe Evangelista LB
96 Melford Remigio DL
91 Nathz Tolin DL
84 Paul Herradura WR
74 Pocholo Ricafort DL
69 Que Ellick OL
83 Quillan Eusebio TE
78 Raymond Roque OL
79 Richmond Dy OL
86 Rony Romero DL
13 Ryan Tamondong QB
55 Seth Mariano DL
68 Simon Miller OL
21 Vince Gamad



Support the Rebels as they face the Wolves on September 1, 2018 at 7:30 PM

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