The Chealsea Blue Pitch looked inviting as the usual rainclouds gave way to a bright sunny day perfect for football! The opening day being a smash hit saw two of the league’s veteran teams, the Wolves and the Datus clash during game one. Needless to say, the excitement didn’t stop there as the two veteran teams gave way to welcome the two new teams in the league.

The Wildboars, helmed by Coach Angel and Coach Obey while captained by star defensive lineman Phillip Laude seemed to be in their element as they looked determined upon taking the field. The Vipers, led by Coaches Fred, Jesse, and Migs looked impressive as they took the field with an energetic fervor that reverberated throughout the entire stadium. What a way to welcome the 4th season of the PAFL as the two new teams are pitted against each other in their first game!

Receiving the ball first, the Wildboars looked to establish their offense through their newly minted QB and a veteran of the sport Lem Gines. Moving the ball downfield during the first quarter proved to be no easy task as the Vipers’ defense displayed an effective counter attack on the Wildboars’ opening run game. This was broken up however by a pass to the red zone which then led to a daring QB run on the way to a touchdown. The Wildboars didn’t stop there as they capitalized on a two point conversion by Mark “The Mako Shark” Tiu who would tally over 40 yards worth of receptions throughout the day.

The 2nd quarter saw a back and forth battle over possessions as the Vipers defense showed no first game jitters as they held the Wildboars back from scoring at will. Defensive end Francis Melmon was able to crash through the Wildboars’ impressive offensive line to record his first sack of the season. From there, the Vipers were able to force a fumble on a run that could have been a touchdown for the Brown and Orange squad. Taking the ball, the Vipers put in an effort to move the ball downfield but the Wildboars defense also took their game to the next level. Playing man against the Vipers’ receivers, a total of six possible interceptions were almost caught by the Wildboars’ corners and safety. The 1st half ended with the Boars up 8-0.

The start of the 3rd quarter saw the Vipers‘ offensive unit make several run plays that culminated in an impressive run by Jeff Pontilero as he was able to cross midfield before being taken down. QB Mark Panteleon looked to capitalize by sparking up his throwing game but was thwarted as Aaron Delos Reyes managed to catch an interception bringing the ball back to the Wildboars possession. Drawing on their wide offensive arsenal, the Wildboars looked to increase their lead with several run plays but was held back due to several holding calls on their offensive line. Looking to come out of the slump, the Boars persisted with their runs as Karel “The Conqueror” Coldenhoff blazed through the Vipers’ defense tallying over 60 rushing yards during the day which set up a a touchdown pass for wide receiver Karlo “Showtime” Robinson. “The Conqueror” would also cross the endzone as he recorded the 2nd 2-pt conversion of the day increasing their lead to 16-0.

The fourth quarter brought a lot of intensity as the Vipers, running out of time executed several excellent runs but were once again thwarted by the efforts of Mark “The Mako Shark” Tiu who played corner for several plays and Vincent “The Barracuda” Barsabal who each caught an interception, the latter of whom ran for forty yards after the catch. Getting the ball back, the Boars sought to score once more before time expired but the Vipers’ defense relented not one bit as they stopped their opponents’ running game. The Vipers taking possession displayed a determined resonance to bounce back but several holding calls on their offensive unit had them moving back instead of forward over the next several plays. As time expired and the final whistle blew, the score remained 16-0 for the Wildboars.

When asked to comment, team owner / manager Phillip Laude states “There was good leadership by the captains and everyone on the team cheered for each other giving our players a huge moral boost. We still have a ways to go but we’ll be ready for any challenges come game time.” Coach Angel also mentioned “This game only showed that we are vulnerable and have a great deal of improvement to make in all areas of the game and all positions and that we need to work and study harder if we going to compete against the big boys.

Catch the Wildboars on their next game on Sept. 15, 2019 at the Blue Pitch as they take on the defending champs, The Wolves!!!