A team that won the last season’s championship and won its first game of the season with a whopping 84-0, one would think they would treat themselves to a day-off, but not the Wolves. Despite winning their first game last Saturday (1 September 2018) against the Rebels the Wolves trained on a Monday night that ended a quarter to one. Their captain, Martin Lloyd Antonio, used that as an example as to what makes the Wolves the best. A win does not thrill them, as Antonio said, “[the Wolves] are even angrier.”

However, the Wolves were not always the champions or even seen as threats, in fact there was a point in their career they were seen as practice games. The scores they would put out now are the scores that were put on them for seasons. A drastic culture change happened when Coach Thomas Torres took over the team and poured his heart out on the players. Soon Coach Ivan Klaric came in as well and disciplined the Wolves into even better players. No excuses were to be made under their watchful eyes, there was only dedication to be given. Under Torres and Klaric the Wolves won its first championship in 2014.

Today with Torres and Klaric the team is under the strong leaderships of Luke Zetazate (Offensive Coordinator), Dags Alonto Mambuay (Defensive Coordinator) and Martin Lloyd Antonio (Captain). The leaders of the Wolves expect nothing, but the best from their players and even the players expect nothing but the best from themselves.

“We demand so much out of each other and out of ourselves. We can’t settle on what we are right now. We always want to improve year in and year out. We have practices on the weekdays. We have practices on the weekend. We have study sessions. We scout teams.”

Antonio (2018)

They believe that what sets the Wolves apart from the rest of the teams is their commitment to their team and most importantly to the sport. Like every human being the players only have 24 hours in a day, and Antonio believes that each player somehow dedicates some time to the sport even outside of training. Most of the players have day jobs or are students, but they find the time to condition themselves in the gym or even through watching videos on how to improve. Antonio even said that despite ending late on a Monday with some of the players having work or classes in a few hours they went ahead to work out a bit more in a gym.

Doing more and always striving to improve one’s self has been at the heart of each player. Antonio believes that their most improved players are Jeeko Bataclan, Enzo Abaya and Paulo Gomez. Bataclan used to be a Tight End, but was moved to Linebacker. In their last game he was able to get a safety and 2 fumble recoveries. In the same game, Abaya had his first ever interception and touchdown. Antonio said Gomez was seen as a scrub last year, but showed how much he improved with having a touchdown in the last game. Another notable player for this season is rookie Jeremy Musni. Despite others undermining Musni for being lightweight he proves himself with his speed and quick reflexes, which makes it challenging to catch a ball as long as he is the defender.

The hunting season of the Wolves is never ending for no win brings them satisfaction. Each player drills into them that there is always something to improve on and they are always on that chase to be the best versions of themselves. On the field the only rivals they see are themselves. What is to watch with the Wolves this season is not how they triumph over other teams, but how they have improved themselves from their last games.

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